Hanna Kłopotowska

Krystyna Germanini (art historian)

I first saw paintings of Hanna Kłopotowska at V.A, Gallery Poland at the Contemporary Art Fair and her works immediately caught my interest. In the following years, I watched her work at subsequent exhibitions and Auctions of Contemporary Art. From year to year, her works visibly caused more and more interest, reaching high prices.

The artist uses various techniques: oil, acrylic and pastel. She also creates white charcoal and pencil drawings which focuses on parts of the body, mostly female. In my opinion, it refers (perhaps unconsciously) to pop art, but what it presents is rather a vision of a contemporary woman, a sophisticated game with an idealized model of the 21st century. Only seemingly, the author shows beautiful faces, her portraits are an insight into the psyche of women, an analysis of moods, life states, expectations, anxieties, fears. In the artist’s works, tension build ​through the contrast between what is static and what is dynamic. The sensual movement that she achieves through the help of twirling strands of hair, the well-thought-out effect of colored light and shade and a feast of intense, pure colors build the drama of the performance. Hanna Kłopotowska’s paintings are hypnotizing, eye-catching, and evoking interest even among those audiences who are not in favor of such “idealized” femininity. We will wait quite a long time for the artist’s further works, as her paintings characterizes by remarkable refinement of the workshop and diligence of the painterly language.

Hanna Kłopotowska

Krzysztof Ryfa (curator of Gallery 33)

Hanna Kłopotowska admits that in her paintings she wants to talk about the soul, women’s strength, and at the same time about their romantic and delicate nature. From the canvases shimmering with the richness of shades oscillating around the primary and complementary colors, the faces of ideal women, heroines of commercials and films, stars in a pop art perspective look at us. In the glare of night metropolises, they turn into mermaids with seductive, iridescent faces, pervading our thoughts and glances. Wet locks of hair, caught in a film frame, cut its length like strands of Art Nouveau stained glass. They evoke portraits from the paintings of Alfons Mucha or Gustav Klimt in a more vivid palette, however, derived from post-impressionist experiences, drawing on the experiments of 20th century painting and design graphics.

Hanna Kłopotowska’s painting is thoroughly contemporary, as evidenced by the type of beauty of the protagonists, inspired by photos from the world of fashion. Sensuality, independence, mystery, but also fear of something that is hidden under an attractive, shiny surface make the paintings find many admirers and buyers, as evidenced by the results of the painter’s auctions in which the Author participates.

Hanna Kłopotowska

Art collector

Mrs. Hanna, I would like to thank you that I could experience your art and thus your vision of the world, talent and personality. Paintings that you created and that are the part of my collection right now, are effective in spreading positive energy. I am a huge fan of both painting and the ability to influence the viewer. The collector leaves everyday meetings with your art strengthened, inspired, and mentally regenerated. The characters from your works are beginning to be close “for better and for worse”. I am convinced that your paintings work and will work on other collectors.

I would be delighted to include more of your works in my collection, but it is not easy, while not many of them hit the market. Hence, the ruthless fights that take place when your work hits the market. I regret every opportunity when I am not their winner. But when I lose, I am motivated to participate in the next auction.

Mrs. Hanna, your works are timeless! I recommend them to all art lovers that search for meaning, emotion and beauty.