Hanna Kłopotowska profile

Hanna Kłopotowska graduated from the Faculty of Graphics and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She creates painting works, also works in the pastel technique. The artist’s hallmark is the use of electrifying colors and colored chiaroscuro. The works of Hanna Kłopotowska are, above all, portraits, in which you can see an original reading of the European and Polish portrait tradition. The artist uses a rare language of colored chiaroscuro. Her works have electrifying colors, based on a combination of polarity of different cold and warm colors. Hanna Kłopotowska is creatively inspired by the Polish tradition of colorism and the achievements of artists for whom color was not only a painterly material, but also the subject of art. He mentions the artists of light and color as his great masters: Rafael Santi, Paul Gauguin and Zofia Stryjeńska.

The artist took part in many group and individual exhibitions. He works closely with a large group of collectors.


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